Kinderland in Saalbach-Hinterglemm

The ideal practice area for learning to ski

Our Kinderland has the best location in the entire Saalbach-Hintergelmm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn ski area and offers the shortest distances for families or groups with different skill levels for our ski school guests.

All the advantages at a glance:

  • Ideal starting point for beginners, but also for advanced skiers.
  • Large car park directly at the Kinderland.
  • Short distances to the various slopes, to four different gondolas (12er Express, 12er Kogelbahn, U-Bahn, Westgipfelbahn), to the Tellerlift & to the toilet.
  • Thus, easily and quickly accessible from almost all slopes in Hinterglemm e.g. via the 12er Kogel and via the Schattberg, even from most slopes in Saalbach.
  • Own mascot developed with professionals with warm-up dance.

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Our Kinderland is especially adapted to the needs of our smallest ski students and is an important basis for guaranteeing a special or especially playful ski lesson.

Since the bambinis, if it is their first ski lesson, usually spend a whole week in the Kinderland, our Kinderland must have a minimum size so that our little ones do not get bored during their first ski lesson. Our Kinderland is also large enough so that we are not forced to switch to the public slopes too early and run the risk of overtaxing the bambinis on the platter lift.

Since it is precisely this platter lift that poses the greatest challenge for the little ones, our Kinderland is generously laid out so that there is room for at least two different conveyor belts. This makes it possible to work with different lengths and different steepnesses in order to safely introduce our little ones to the first blue slope step by step during their first week of ski school.

Furthermore, the Kinderland/nursery slope must also meet the requirements of the children's beginners' groups (children's group level green), as well as the adult beginners' groups (adult group level green) and also the beginners' private ski lessons. Especially the beginner groups stay in the Kinderland in addition to the Bambini ski kindergarten at least during the first days and at least at the beginning of the ski lesson.



Our ski school mascot

Our Böcki is of course much more than just a mascot or an additional advertising medium. A lot of development work and the pedagogical idea go into the costume.
Böcki is seen as an important aid during the ski course and in the general running of the ski school.

Especially the first day of ski school can be a challenge for children, parents and therefore also for the ski instructors. So many new impressions at once for the children, usually also many expectations from the parents, coupled with the time pressure that naturally arises when participating in group events and their order and time frame - always cause stress for guests and children.

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To counteract stressful situations for children, to avoid them and prevent them from arising in the first place, we use our mascot specifically in Kinderland.

  • The children are playfully distracted from time pressure, pressure of expectations, pain of separation, homesickness and/or the like.
  • The children are helped to focus their attention more on themselves, the snow, the ski instructor and skiing.
  • The Böcki warm-up dance teaches the smallest children the very important warm-up from the very beginning and playfully.
  • Böcki can also be used to loosen up the ski lesson and create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Böcki is there to remind all guests, children and parents every morning and also at the end of the award ceremony that fun is the most important thing.

Böcki is an ibex or is modelled on an ibex. An ibex is distinctive, rare, and the noblest animal in the Alps. So, in our distinctive way, we too want to give every guest an unforgettable time on our mountains. Because we are among the best in the Alps!